Hi Cuddly Friends,
I like cuddly toys because they are soft and cuddly, they give me positive emotions and they can make me smile even when it's a bad day.. I would like to convey this my love and passion, especially to the "adults" because to the "children" does not take much to dream and be happy..

Our goal: to make you discover your cuddly side! =)

We have created the Soffici Emozioni's Brother.. it's a "technical" blog!! :)

This blog,, has 3 aims:

  • To let you know about handmade artists of cuddly toys.
  • To create tutorials for beginner hand sewing like us.. because we like handmade cuddly toys but we can’t create them by ourselves!! :)   
  • As soon as possible news about a "Cuddly Project" to get the "Cuddly Version of Yourself"! :)